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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Turtleneck Makes me think of Turtle Time

I have never really liked turtlenecks because I felt they were choking me.  However, I decided to give them a second chance when H&M had this one for $5!  I like turtlenecks now, maybe it was something when I was young, who knows.  Anyhow, it is finally winter here in NC (20's in the morning and 50's in the afternoon); so I finally decided layering was a must!  Here is what I wore to work on Friday.  (sadly I have to say that this outfit doesn't rank in my top 10 let alone my top 100, not sure why but I didn't have another outfit to post in it's place)

Jeans AE similar here, here, and here
Booties Target here
Hollister Collared shirt (GoodWill) similar here
Turtleneck (sold out) similar here
Rosette necklace Groopdealz sold out
Lip color MAC Rebel

As you have read Friday's are not jean days at my office, which is ok with me.....however there are those days when I want to be a bit more casual.  This is where my white jeans come in handy, I was dressed nice enough for work but casual enough for me.  It was cold on this particular day when I left for work so layering a turtleneck under my collared shirt was perfect!  I added my rosette necklace for a pop and my new booties.  I am loving my new booties!

How do you style white jeans in the winter?

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