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Thursday, January 30, 2014


We finally got snow!  Of course I had to layer my coats, cause it's fun!!
Adding a pop with my beanie I headed outside.  My hubby was cleaning off the cars and the dogs were romping in the snow (too cute).  I snapped some pics in front of our "Corn Crib" (as my hubby calls it).  It is actually a barn type building that was used to dry corn when it was harvested from the field.  Yeah I live in the country.  The walls have gaps between the planks so air can move through, thus drying the corn.  Ok enough lessons for today, I have enough of that with school work.  I went with a neutral look with Tan booties, Taupe sweater, Blue Jeans, Blue Jacket, and my Barn Coat (which is neutral plaid).  I love this look because I feel my necklace and hat just POP perfectly!  It was fun going out in the snow....Of course later I changed into my MK rain boots....Don't you love how versatile rain boots can be!

Zara skinny jeans old similar
H&M taupe sweater here
Statement Necklace here
Target blue jacket old similar
Lands End Barn coat old similar
J Crew booties old similar
Target pink beanie old similar
MAC Candy Yum Yum lip color

Do you layer coats for a different look?

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  1. Visiting from Simply Just Lovely! Enjoy your snow and stay warm! I'm just about ready for it to stop snowing around here! Love your look, very snow appropriate.

    <3 Vicki

  2. how brave you are to take photos in the snow! haha I was basically in my pajamas for 2 days (but loved every minute) Cute pink beanie!
    Nikki at

  3. You are brave to be outside in those heels! Haha! Love the necklace!
    Thanks for linking up for Look What I Got! Hope to see you back tomorrow!
    Penniless Socialite


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