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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Let's Get Real about Eyes! - Glasses USA

Afternoon ladies.  I know some of you have seen picture's posted of me in my glasses.  I do need corrective lenses to function in life.  An awesome website I have located ( GlassesUSA ) is something I wanted to share.  They have a very cool Virtual Mirror Feature!  It allows you to see how the glasses would look on you, not some model with a similar face shape.  Cause let's face it, you are one of a kind!  I know it is difficult to purchase eyeglasses let alone eyeglasses online.  Trust me when I say this site is worth a try!

Here is a pair of my glasses (not purchased at GlassesUSA) which cost me around $400!!!  Now if I had checked out GlassesUSA first...... I could have purchased two pair!  I am all about having different frames for different outfits!!!

Check out what I tried! It took me all of a minute to upload the pic and set the eyes.  I am sure I could have spent another second to get it straight but you get the idea!  Also check out how low the prices are!!!

Plus right now is offering a sitewide 15% discount and FREE Shipping on orders over $50 with code FS15.  Or you can take 10% off any order of prescription glasses with code Blog10.

Check them out on FaceBook or Twitter

Seriously take a minute to check out the site!  It may be time to buy glasses for the new year!


  1. This is so cool! I hear you on needing glasses to function in life! Thanks for sharing :) The glasses look good on you


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