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Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Shopping

Yes Yes I am supposed to be on a spending freeze.  But in my defense I had a GC to one store and the other purchase was a necessity for my trip to DC next month!  Go ahead get all would too. :)

Bag Elise - Sole Society $15,     Tunic - Oakleigh Rose 37 (Had GC - so free)

Things I am eyeing for next month!!!

I am taking the plunge and getting over the knee boots.  I have been searching and these are a good quality at a price I am willing to pay!  Corso Como at Nordstrom on sale for $166 (down from $248).

Do you plan your shopping?  How do you budget?

So far I haven't planned unless there is something big I really really really want.  I mean really!
As far as budget (I know taboo - but I'm an Accounting (yay loop hole- in training) ) - I say I'm not going to spend then when I see something I really like that is so marked down I buy it.....Usually because I save so much I don't have buyers remorse.  Typically I try to keep it under $40 per pay check (bi-weekly).  Sometimes I end up spending closer to $100 in small purchases scattered, which usually means I pay a bill late.  Hello reality in my world.... I make enough for bills but who wants to live like that????  I have NO credit cards and live on a cash basis, so when I have money I have it, when I don't I don't...... It's hard sometimes when my hubby's spending gets on the higher side, but we manage.  I just keep in my mind when I am done with school the higher income will come (yay for 2015) and I can have more of a cushion! 

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  1. Nice purchases! And I'm definitely not judging. I can never stick it out through shopping bans so I just don't make them anymore. :) I'm good at staying on budget though, so there's that. I love that Sole Society bag and I can't believe you got it for only $15! The boots look great too, can't wait too see how you wear them. -Gina
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