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Friday, January 10, 2014

Chic sweatpants for the weekend

Ok I have to be honest I totally live in these sweatpants on the weekends.  I wore this to visit my mother for her Birthday.  Who says that sweatpants can't be chic?  I was warm (hello 20 degree weather!) and chic with my booties that I can't seem to go without wearing!  Bare with me a moment while I discuss something with you..... Lip stick!  I have recently invested (yes invested - $15 each can be a lot for me to spend on lipstick) in decent lipstick and I have to tell you how happy I am that I did!  I purchase in December 4 MAC lip color's ($60 - shhh don't tell my hubby) and they are not only vibrant throughout the day but also long lasting!  Here I am wearing my latest purchase of "Flat out Fabulous" with NYX lip liner (they match pretty well!).  Another product that I am so happy with is Clinique "Superbalm lip treatment" which you apply at night and so helps especially during these bitter cold month!  Both of these products I found On "The Sweetest Thing" and can't begin to tell Emily thank you enough!

Sweatpants Target here
H&M Black sweater sold out
Booties Target here
J Crew scarf 2011
Plain white long sleeve shirt
Lip color - Flat out Fabulous by MAC

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  1. You make sweat pants look Great. Visiting from Fashion Friday. . .

  2. LOVE those chic sweats. So cute with the heeled booties. Thanks so much for stopping by GYPO!

  3. Love these! Great way to make sweatpants more stylish!

  4. I'm loving the chic sweatpants trend from this year. I'm still trying to decide if I can wear the fancier ones to work :)

    Be sure to stop by my blog today and enter to win a big Stitch Fix giveaway!
    <3 Vicki

  5. I love this look! I've been thinking a lot about stylish sweat pants and wondering if I could pull it off. Now I think I can! Fantastic!

    Brass in Pocket Blog


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