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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Products I Love part II

It would seem people enjoyed my "Product's I Love" from last week, so I thought I would do this again!  Here are some things I am loving!
Coach iPhone glitter case - or any glitter case!!

Almay Lash Care (eye makeup remover), this is gentile on my eye area and removes both liner and mascara!  I love that I don't feel like I ran sandpaper over my eyes when I am done.  $5 anywhere

Glade wax warmer!  This is so safe as there is no open flame, plus I control how strong the scent is by how often I change the wax and how many wax cubes I put in it.  For $10 the warmer will last forever and the wax is only $2.99 for 8 (great deal).  Plus with this warmer you can use other wax like Yankee Candle!  Total win in my book!  Not to forget that bad smell when a candle goes out, with this that doesn't happen!


  1. Great idea with the candle wax warmer.

  2. That's a pretty warmer, I would definitely be fooled into thinking it was more expensive. My cat singed her whisker on an open flame once and now I'm very particular about where candles are in my home.


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