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Monday, December 16, 2013

Holiday Travel Outfit

Travel is hard no matter what time of year, but around the Holiday's it can get totally cray cray!  Here is a comfortable outfit to wear if you are flying or driving!  This can also double as a shopping outfit or movie date!  I may wear this for my movie date with my Nana, gotta love comfort when seeing a flick during the holiday's.

Tips on what to have in your bag:  Bottle Water, Facial Wipes, Makeup (to look refreshed after catching that 6am flight), book, ear buds, socks, and candy/snacks.  If you empty the water bottle before security at the airport you can fill it at the water fountains, saves so much money! 

Yoga Pants Target
Sweater H&M here
Scarf Target here
Oversized bag - MK gift

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  1. Great money saving tip on the water bottle! I hate paying $5 for a bottle of water. It's so ridiculous! So glad to have your participation in the Holiday Style Linkup!
    On the Daily Express

  2. I always travel with a scarf too. You never know if it'll be too hot or too cold on the flight!

  3. I am infamous for always forgetting ear buds! What is my problem! haha!
    I can totally see you traveling in this! I like the pop of color against an otherwise neutral outfit!
    Thanks again for linking up with us!


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