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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Unwinding at the end of the day

A day at the office isn't always enjoyable.  Frankly mine has been so stressful that I feel sick most of the time.  Here's what I do when I get home..... Get comfortable! Then add a glass of wine and hot bath.

These pants were $12 from Target clearance and so comfortable.  Added is my lace trimmed tank from Target (avail now) and gray sweater from Target (2011).  Guess it's a Target night (check stores for items).

On to another note - if you have stress and get physically ill at work it's time to make a change!  Take it from me you don't need or deserve health issues because of work!  It's not worth it!  I guess this goes with my post from yesterday.  Start looking if you have this issue....... I have some great news for all of you by Friday!!!  Stay tuned.  Also, I was given a tip by a reader on my post yesterday that I thought I would pass along - keep a blazer in your car, heck even a whole outfit just in case you get a call for a second and they want to see you that day.


  1. This looks pretty much like what I throw on after a long day. I love comfy pants! Sorry to hear your job is sucky and is making you sick. I have been in that position before a couple of times in my life. I left a job with a really nice salary for a job with less pay, but it was so worth it. Money doesn't buy happiness all the time when you hate where you work!

  2. Ahh, lounge wear is my absolute favorite! You're right, it is time to leave when your job makes you sick. Good for you for realizing that!

  3. Two points:
    1. Yes getting sick due to pressure and stress from a job is sooooooo not worth it.
    2. What the what is this awesome shoe closet WALL you have. OMyGorrsh! THAT IS AWESOME!!!! perfect backdrop for a fashionista blogger. perfect.


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