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Sunday, October 6, 2013

What's up with the weather?

Ok does Mother Nature know it's October?  Yesterday (Saturday) I went to work and it was in the 60's.  When I left work at 2 it was almost 90!!!  Geez.   Thank goodness I am smart enough to wear a tank top under my shirt......

I was thinking while driving from one client to the next (Elderly CareGiving) how when I get home my go to clothing are over sized sweat pants and old T shirt with the neck cut out.  This made me wonder if my husband really cares how I look for the outside world or not, because he thinks I look cute in my big sweats.  Go figure!  What do you wear when you get home from work?  I guess I learned this from my mother, she always came home and put on a "house" dress so she wouldn't get anything on her work clothes.  The sad thing about this is on the weekends I have a hard time getting dressed......sweats call to me what can I say.  So in an effort to be comfortable and chic I found these items!

Cute comfy pants! here in all sorts of colors and patterns

The key to wearing pants like these is adding a cute tank that will entice your man!
Tank found here

When it's cold just add a nice cardigan and you are comfortable without looking frumpy!
Pants are 10.00 and the tank is $10.00 = $20 not bad!

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