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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Striped Blush

I get inspiration from outfits all around me.  Instagram, Pinterest, Co-Workers, and People I see out and about.  I found this outfit on Instagram ( stylejourney1 ), not sure why I hadn't thought to wear my blush pants with boots, a sweater, and scarf.  Don't you love when a look comes together so easily?
I started the day with my MK rain boots
Cold + Rain = MK Fun!

Oh and yes Goofy is my favorite Disney Character - I normally don't do this but here's a little personal info on me....... Comment Goofy if you read this.
In Middle School a girl in my class wore a Goofy sweat shirt.  Being Me - I commented that I LOVED Goofy (which I did for many years).  She said - I bet I love him more.  I being Me said - I love him enough to get a tattoo of him on me one day.  OH if I could go back in time....... YUP I have a tattoo of Goofy's head (hat and all) on my body.  Luckily my husband is the only one who cane see him, and sometimes he asks me to lay on the other side.  LOL  point of the story is if you thought you liked or loved Goofy you were wrong - I went as far as to permanently put him on my body. See being 5'9" and the tallest one in my class till High School I really connected with Goofy.  He was tall, made mistakes, and always tripped over things - which was my life during that period.  Now why I got a tattoo at 18 (literally the day after my BDay) I couldn't tell you.  Something about being right ALL the time and since I told the girl I would I felt it necessary to follow through.  Lord only knows if I will ever see her again (haven't since that one year).  Sorry I am rambling a ltitle.  Just funny to me sometimes - what have you done that you shake your head at?

Ended the day in black flats ( which of course you can't see because it's so dang dark)
Oh and this jacket is from Target last year......see below to see why this is funny.

This sweater is so soft and I was comfortable all day!

Got a compliment on this scarf and saw a few at Target that I would purchase at lunch.

Pants - Target sold out, Sweater - Target, Scarf - Target 2011 (lol a trend), Boots - Gift

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  1. LOVE your rain boots and I'm kind of obsessed with blush pants this fall. Great fall look!

    1. Thank you Alison! I love these pants and wish I had purchased a second pair when they were still available. They go with just about everything and I tend to grab these instead of jeans.

  2. Blush is one of my favorite shades of pink!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee


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