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Monday, October 7, 2013

Laundry Day

Long story short we gave our dryer to a friend who has 4 children under 8.  The dryer we thought we were going to get ended up being gas, end of story we don't currently have a dryer.  There for my Sunday mornings are spent at the laundry mat drying two loads of wash (I wash them at home then take them to dry, much cheaper).  I have noticed on different days and different times that certain groups of people are at the laundry mat.  So today's post will be dedicated to the drama at the local mat......

On Saturday's and Sunday's anytime before 8:30am the mat is empty (they open at 7).  This is my time to go, because other than doing  my laundry on a Monday during the work day I am the minority.  Anyhow, Saturday's around 9 there are mostly Hispanic families!  Yup families.  The whole family comes to help out, even the men.  The children run and play and the TV is set to telemundo.  They are relatively quiet and move their laundry along quickly.  Later on Saturday's you get all the hung over/drunk men who just want to hang out and talk to the person on shift.  These men seem harmless however I have been hollered at.  I stopped going around this time.

Sunday's as I said is empty before 8:30a.  At around 9 the Asian men come in.  Sometimes they bring the kids but there are very few women.  Aren't different cultures interesting to watch.  I haven't been after 10am yet on Sunday, I imagine it is full of drunk'hungover men wanting to watch football (they have two TV's).  I am happy with my sweet hour of aloneness; mainly I read my Kindle and wait for the dryer.

This brings me to "What to Wear" to the laundry mat.  Of course I don't feel comfortable wearing something nice, I figure this will bring less attention to the lowly white girl.  Here is what I wore this Sunday to the mat.  I do have to say though I did see a woman wearing Tory Burch flats at the mat the other weekend, her Very Large (height and width) was with her; I thought about telling her they were cute but was intimidated.

NY&Co Leggings, Tan T, Old Navy long sweater, Moccasins.

In the morning while I wait for the second load to finish I walk around the front yard.  It's so peaceful.

Watching my kitty be silly

Sitting on the front porch watching the sunrise.

As I wait longer (washers take long it seems when your ready to go) I check email and my blog!

What would you wear to the local mat if you had no washer or dryer?

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  1. Great cozy long cardigan, it's perfect for those cooler temps!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    1. Thanks Yi-Chia! I love this cardigan. Picked it up at Old Navy last year during their clearance sale!


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