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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

J Crew and Zibra

Sadly Tuesday just finished which means today is Hump Dayyyy What What.... LOL  I still laugh at that commercial and I text my husband's friend named Mike asking what day it is.  Another day done, Another one to come.  This is the story of my life it seems.  If I'm not working I am catching up on house cleaning and school work.  GEEZ - No one told me this was Adult life when I was a kid.

I am excited though about several things for this month!  1 - I will be guest hosting one day for next week.  2 - My 31 Day Challenge, which has brought me back to why I love blogging. 3 - Halloween! plus cooler weather (finally!)
If you don't know about the 31 Day Challenge check it out here. I happen to stumble upon this clicking a link through Twitter.  If you don't already, please follow me on Instagram and Twitter.  I post things as I see them or think of them, plus it's great networking and idea gathering.  Like my outfit for Hump Day (which you will see tomorrow).

Now on to the good stuff!  My Outfit! (#ootd)

Pants (not really leggings but tight fitting) J Crew clearance - similar here
Top - H&M here
Shoes - Tiny store in NYC - similar here

I do want to end this post with a tip/reminder if you work in a small office.  It is NOT ok to question a co-worker on their health.  If they wanted you to know why they were out sick they would have told you.  The only person who can really ask would be a supervisor, and that's even questionable.  Sorry - done with my soap box.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Rebecca! I just wish they didn't tare up my toes.

  2. Fun top! I love the zebra print!

    1. Thanks Laura! I love this top, it's silky on the body but the arms are a cotton material.


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