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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wardrobe Change

What do you do when the VP declares the office to be casual for a period of time?  I finally give in and wear jeans!  What happens on the one day I wear jeans?  A bigger fish decides to visit......enter the wardrobe change!  Here is how I started my Monday after moving all weekend.....
Green H&M Lace Shirt with Jeans and Purple/Green plaid flats.

Get to the office only to hear we would have visitors and I better stay in my office.  Hello I do have to pee sometimes....  Enter the wardrobe change.
Gotta love Target!

While moving I missed the Phillip Lim collection at Target.  I thought I had missed my chance.  As I ran (yes I ran) into Target to get something to wear besides Jeans, there was a bright light and an Angelic sound as I saw the Phillip Lim sign!  Yup Angels sang to me as I saw the racks and racks of items still available.  Oh they were all in my size as well.  See there is a God, at least a shopping God for me in that moment of need.  I had seen and Loved this skirt online, so when I grabbed my size and headed toward the fitting room I was giddy with anticipation!  Low and behold it was very snug, *sad face*, so I went back to the floor to see what other sizes they had. 2, 4, 6, 8 (what I tried), 12, & 14.  Ok, well I want this skirt and I have a sewing machine, so I grabbed the 12 and headed for checkout.  As I pulled my car into a spot in the way back and slipped the skirt over my jeans I found it fit perfect!  Enter the memory of the Jason Wu collection skirts!  THEY RUN SUPER SMALL!  No way am I a 12!  BUT Hey I'm not complaining.  I scored an awesome skirt and saved face at my office.  Lesson learned - no jeans except on Friday, even if the VP says it's cool!

It's hard to see but there is a hint of green on the outside of the leopard spots that my H&M shirt matched.

As odd as I felt with my purple and green plaid flats they actually went well with the outfit!  Just goes to show you, until you are faced with a fashion emergency you never know what will go together!

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  1. Gorgeous skirt, so glad you were able to snag it!

  2. Aren't sizes so weird sometimes?! I've had to size up in skinny jeans before, too. The skirt looks great on you though!

    1. Laura - it's sad. I mean do they not realize how that can mess with a woman's psych?

  3. love that skirt! i just did my phillip lim post today too!

    Sandy a la Mode

    1. Thanks Sandy. Can't wait to see what you scored!


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