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Monday, September 9, 2013

LUEWWD and The Casbah

It's hard to get my hubby out of his comfort zone........HARD!  So when I told him I wanted to go support my old company (Habitat for Humanity of Durham - HFHD) at a bar in Durham he was reluctant, but ok.  Then I told him the event was a woman's arm wrestling competition, he laughed and asked me to repeat myself.  Of course being a Man's Man he wanted to know if he could participate.  I smiled and said you can try but I doubt it.  We went and he asked......I rather buff women looked at him like he was crazy and said no.  It was comical to see my husband's face when these women thought he was funny.  Anyhow, the contestants wore costume's, which I wasn't aware of until we arrived and people were dressed from everything as Ducks, Ninja Fighters, to Fairies.  It was great!!!  Here is what I wore.....

 H&M Skater skirt with Marilyn T and JCrew booties.
 Added a little fun with Jewelry - chain necklace, Pave' bracelet, Leather bracelet and Spikes.
 My Nana can get me to laugh and she was quick enough to get it on camera.
J Crew booties - getting to be a staple for me.
 My husband and Nana.

 The line of Arm Wrestlers and their Entourage 
 Oh and "Liv A Little" food truck was there.  We ordered their Crab Burger, which we re-named "Crabby Patty"  It seemed fitting after we saw the costumes. 

All in All this was a fun night.  I got to see some old co-workers and relax a little with my husband!

Oh the best part a woman asked me if I wanted to try out for a woman's rugby team.  I was shocked, smiled and said I was not only too girly but didn't have any time.


  1. cool post! follow each other on GFC? let me know!

  2. Saw you on the patio. You looked hot!

    1. Aw - Thank you!!! How did you find my blog?


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