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Friday, September 6, 2013

High Five For Friday

Yes it's a two post kinda day.  I am excited about this weekend though!  I get to organize our belongings for the move.  My hubby is all lined up to assist.  Here are some things I am excited about for this past week!
I ordered these items from H&M!  Score on the savings.
Top left - Chiffon Top for $8.95 (yeah I'll let that sink in)  Prices good through 9/6!
Top right - Pattern Leggings with velvet for $8.95 (yup!)
Bottom - Lace Shirt for $7 (last weeks sale)  I ordered both the white and green!  Currently $17.95

Make sure you sign up for their email alerts!  They seem to have a sale almost every week and the items are super inexpensive.

So this past week I experimented with transitioning things from Summer to Fall, Being Casual, and having fun!  I got such good feedback about adding a collared shirt to a strapless dress for Fall.  Everyone seemed to love my striped shirt, which I love as well.  Then, Wednesday I took a test and treated myself to Bruegger's after, where I got complimented on my style!  Talk about making a girls good day great!

So High Five for Friday!!!


  1. wow this is an amazing post! I’m so glad I dropped past your blog ☺!!!
    Keep up the great work and hope we can keep in touch!

    Xx Michelle

  2. That's great about the Bruegger's compliment! I was actually in the drive-thru at Dunkin Donuts and the guy working stopped in his tracks and told me I was fu&%ing beautiful. Not sure how appropriate it was to drop the eff bomb on the clock, but I'd be lying if I said it did not make my day. Stranger's compliments are the best! High five to you back!

    1. Carylee - Compliments are the best. I agree though not sure if the eff bomb was necessary. I try to give a compliment to a stranger at least 2 times a week!


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