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Friday, September 20, 2013

High Five for Friday - Fab Week

Ok this week was a whirlwind - so in no particular order here goes....

*My puppy clicks around the house, so in an effort to appease my hubby I socked him.  He was such a trooper and kept the socks on most of the night.

*I got to hang out with an AMAZING handbag collection!  I am holding a Tory Burch and was nervous to touch so I gazed upon the Chanel bag!

*Scored this Leopard skirt from the Phillip Lim collection at Target on Monday! Woot Woot

*Embraced the animal prints for the week and wore my new zebra shirt from H&M (Loving being able to order online!!), of course I had to break out the gold belt as well!

*Moved this past weekend at home, and moving at work today!  Wow 2 moves in one week.  Crazy!

All I can say I TGIF and so glad they are closing our office's at 12 for the move!

PS Don't miss next week when I tour my new closet and talk about organization for seasonal changes!

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