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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thirsty, Thrifty, Thank Goodness it's Thursday

There are so many T words that I can put with Thursday.  However, this is a wholesome blog ;)  LOL.  I have two outfits for you today!
 Outfit #1 - Blush pants from Target, Floral Top from Shops at Target, Sandals from JCPenny.  I was so excited when I saw this top tucked in the back of my closet because it goes perfectly with these pants.  This is what I call a work casual outfit.  Which was perfect for Wednesday because I had both school and my PT job.  I was comfortable and stylish throughout the day.  (sorry the pic is blurry, my camera is hating me lately)

As you can see my puppy dog wants to be in the picture, he such a lovable dog.

Again with the blurry, geez.
This outfit is super budget friendly.  H&M Skirt for $17.95, T from Target $5, J Crew booties at warehouse sale for $15!  I know right.

I love the pineapple.  Fun fact, back in the day (like 100's of years) people would put a pineapple in your room if you were a guest to let you know it was time to leave.  See back then it took a lot to travel so when you went to visit someone you stayed for a month or more.  A pineapple in your room was a polite way to say you have been there long enough.  Maybe I am subconsciously trying to say something by wearing this T today.

I wish these booties were more comfortable, but hey if they don't hurt then they aren't fashionable.  Right?

Outfit 1 - Pants Target, Shirt similar, Sandals sold out :(
Outfit 2 - Skirt H&M, Shirt Similar, Booties similar

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  1. Lovely blog <3

  2. Particularly love the white shirt and pink pants. Keep up the OOTD posts.

  3. Pineapples have been such a hit this season, cute top! Thanks for sharing your look with Three-fer Thursday :)

    xo Bethany

    1. Thank you Bethany. Normally don't wear orange as a main color but loved the pineapple so much, why not.

  4. OMG how cute is that pineapple shirt and from Target no less!

    1. They have a ton of cute print T's on clearance right now. I have been eyeing the pink one with a Giraffe head.

  5. Replies
    1. I know!!! I went to a warehouse cleanup sale. They had insane prices on things. I pick up 2 dress' for $20 each, T shirts for $5, and other things.


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