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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Casual Then on to Harem

If you have been following my blog you know I work 2 jobs.  Full Time I am an Accountant and Part Time I am an Elderly Caregiver.  One of my clients was moved and her new residence is cold, so in an effort to be cute and warm I put this together.
This is not an outfit I would normally put together.  Why?  Well mixing colors is hard for me to do.  However when I put this on I was like WOW I can wear just about anything with these blush pants.  Top Good Will Find (JCrew), Pants Target, Converse (yeah booooy).  I was comfortable, and warm.  Plus I fit the dress code!

Now on to my work outfit for Thursday - or Thirsty Thursday if you like. (you got a sneak peak yesterday)

You may remember these pants from my Gift Card shopping trip at Apricot Lane

I love when a pair of pants will go with several tops!  These pants do just that!
I added my H&M blazer for a more polished look from the last time I wore these pants.
Plus it was 67 degrees this morning!  Brrrr

Gotta show the bling!



  1. Those blush pants are great, and I agree you can wear them with basically anything!

    1. Thanks Carylee! I was excited when I tried something new with them.

  2. I love your white sneakers in your outfit - I am always trying to figure out new ways to wear mine :)

    Please vote for me to win a trip to NYFW!

    1. I have found they go with just about everything! I also paired them with a cotton skirt and they are totally cute.


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