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Saturday, July 27, 2013

What What it's Gingham stlye

I am really having fun with this challenge.  I fell behind on trying to post these with enough time for you to see before the wrap up.
Gotta love a shot that makes you look at my butt being distorted - figured I would load a "blooper" shot!

Yes even an overcast day can make me squint.  Wanted to show my new watch and bracelets I wore.

Good pic of the whole outfit with my sandals  (clearance for $13)- LOVE and would wear only them if I could.  Notice the messy roll on my pants?  Along with the roll of my shirt?  Yup all JCrew style.

This shirt is really thin so wearing it on a 70-80 degree day isn't bad at all.

Well this was trying to show my necklace, but it doesn't really show up.

Day 9 complete one more day and only 10 left!


  1. Great style

    PS: Please follow me on blogloving, if you haven’t done it =).

    1. Rose - Thanks for stopping by. I love this shirt! Glad you like my style.

  2. i LOVE that gingham top, lee!! it looks gorgeous on you. i especially love the color. perfect for this time of year!

    1. Thanks Molly - when I found it 3 months ago on clearance at Old Navy I freaked. This is the second orange top I own and I love the color.


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