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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Weekend Cas

I don't normally wear shorts.  I have thick thighs and skinny calves, so shorts aren't very attractive on me.  At least in my opinion.  I try to dress more casual on the weekends for my husband.  He tends to think I dress like I'm going to a fashion show all the time.  If only that were true!

Friday night I went to NC Blog Buzz meeting, which was a Blast!  We met at a boutique in Raleigh off Creedmoore Road, Clothes Hound.  Sadly this boutique is closing soon, however they are offering 50% off the entire store!  I found a few cute things, but being on a spending freeze I tried to control myself!  Of course there are always those pieces you find that are a Must in your collection.  This necklace was that for me!  I have seen similar necklaces on celebrities, TV shows, and magazines.  Of course when I look for a picture to show you what I have seen I can't find one.
 Striped shirt is JCrew found at Good Will.  Necklace from Clothes Hound in Raleigh, Watch is my best kept secret (email me if you really want to know).
 For some reason my kitties love when I pull the camera out, to the point they will clean each other just for attention!  Aren't my girl (gray) and boy (orange) babies cute.
Here is a pic of my whole outfit with shorts, you notice I cut my legs off.....Chicken is the only thing that comes to mind when I see these pale things.  Ha Ha.

The NC Blog Buzz meeting was Amazing.  I met about 17 other ladies who blog about everything from Fashion to Food and Lifestyle.  We had a guest speaker about Social Media, which I learned SO much!  First less - blogging for 1 year is like comparing a baby to a teenager.  I am a baby in the blogging world.  I appreciate everyone who stops by and reads, even though I can ramble sometimes.  You will see the jacket I purchased later in the week.


  1. Love the outfit! Try pairing the top with white shorts as well.

    1. SD - Thanks for the idea but I don't own white shorts right now. I typically go for skirts over shorts.

  2. glad you had fun at the meetup!! i so wish i could have gone! that necklace is gorgeous! great find!

    1. Thanks Molly! We missed you there! I was beyond excited when I saw this necklace. I had to explain what it was to my husband - he thinks it looks like a chicken foot. Men - ha ha


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