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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Out on the town in old town

 When you have a good buzz and need something to drink find a 7eleven!  We don't have these in NC, at least in Durham.  I miss their Slurpee's!  Of course I was able to get one and it made my night complete!
Top found at Good Will, Pants AE
The good thing about going to 7eleven is finding the closest Starbucks.  So I threw on a T shirt, Skirt, and sandals to get my caffeine fix the next morning.  A real nice lady took a picture for me.
T shirt - Old Navy, Skirt found at Good Will, Sandals 2009 from Stein Mart.
I walked with my coffee and around a corner I saw this cute restaurant nestled in between some tall office/apartment buildings.  I thought it showed how much Old Town has held on to it's heritage while becoming modern!


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