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Friday, July 26, 2013

High Five for Friday

Well this has been a CRAZY week for me!

First let's start with this past weekend, I worked on Saturday from 9am to 5pm.  The lady I help is awesome and I had a chance to cook for someone else which was nice.  While she was napping I took a few quick pictures of an inspired outfit!  I love my tan polka dot shorts but hardly wear them.  Do you know when you have something and it looks great on you, per other people, but you don't see it.  Well that's how these shorts are for me.  I feel like the brown makes my skin tone look off, so I don't wear them much.  HOWEVER, seeing this picture above is making me change my mind a little.  I love the chambray shirt with it (inspired by Rebecca Lately).

Ok I'm going to jump around a little through my week.

1. Inspiration photo and working
2. New watch just because I love it
3. New tank on clearance for $4!  Who wouldn't?
4. Won a gift card to Apricot Lane for being in their fashion show and blogging about it
5. Felt lucky so I picked up some lottery tickets!

As I said this week has been crazy.  Monday night I went to the hospital.....I am ok, thanks for your concern.  After being up all night I still went to work on Tuesday.  Wednesday I wanted a pick me up so I purchased the watch above, to me it looks very similar to the MK watch I want but can't afford right now.  Then Thursday I had a great day, they can't all be bad was my husband's response.  I found the tank for $4, won a gift card, found out I won a grant and scholarship for school (I don't remember applying for them), so I decided to pick up some lottery tickets!  Now today is Friday!  I am so excited for my SBS network meeting tonight!

OH I actually wore jeans to work today also!
Can we talk about having a larger behind and jeans?  No matter what pants/jeans I wear they pull on my stomach when I sit down because of my larger behind.  I have to stand pull my pants up and adjust things so I can sit comfortably.  Does anyone else have this problem?  Sometimes a belt will help but not always.  It is very frustrating.

Anyhow - High Five For Friday!  Have a great weekend!


  1. glad you are feeling better, lee!! and so excited you won the contest!!

    1. Thanks Molly - I never win anything! I am so excited to shop.

  2. Congratulations on winning a gift card! I have that same problem with jeans. A higher rise helps.

    1. Rebecca - Thank you! Sadly most of the stores I shop in don't have high rise. I keep looking for them. In the mean time I deal with it. "If it's not painful, it's not fashion". Sad but true.


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