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Monday, July 15, 2013

Go to items! 20 day challenge!

Last week was crazy busy for me!  I was sick on Monday and had to cancel my shoe shopping/photo date with my Nana, Tuesday and Wednesday I work both my jobs (care giving so so fun though), Thursday I had my fitting at Apricot Lane Boutique, then Saturday I had the fashion show.  My poor hubby didn't know what to do with me being home Friday night.

Anyhow, while at the fitting I spoke with some great ladies - shout out moment Nikki (Bedazzles After Dark), Cristina (Scintillating Simplicity), Molly (Still Being Molly), Ashley (The Christian Wife Life), Lauren (Almost Casual) and so many other awesome women!  Someone said they tend to wear the same jewelry, and it got me thinking do I have go to jewelry or even outfits?  Uh Yes!  Gee with a big closet and so many options, I find I wear the same thing!  Take for example my outfit for Friday.....
This is what I call Casual Friday!
Here is a good look at my new necklace from Apricot Lane!

Notice anything similar.  No?  How about I wore this same thing while in Old Town - see here
I wore the same necklace and one of the same bracelets.  I only changed my shoes and instead of a pony tail my hair is in a bun.  This makes me sad.  Yes I love the outfit and probably will wear it again but I thought I was being creative by throwing this outfit together Thursday night.  Guess not.  So here is my challenge...... I will NOT wear the same outfit for the next 20 days.  I will wear some of the same pieces but not the same outfit.

Wish me luck!

still being [molly]


  1. you look fabulous, lee!!! thanks again for coming!

  2. Loving this outfit! I'm a big fan of a good old v-neck and adding skirts and jewelry to the outfit.
    New follower form Still Being Molly!


    1. Thanks Caroline! I love this T, it's vintage style from Old Navy and only gets softer when I wash it! I have it in white and so need to get other colors before they stop selling them!


  3. I have the same problem. I would often find myself wearing the same outfits over and over. You are very brave to announce this on your blog :) I can't wait to see how you do! Good Luck! :)


    1. Jen - Thank you. I hadn't considered myself brave but I guess I am. I am excited about this challenge.

  4. Sounds like everyone had a great time at the fashion show!! I love your layered necklaces :)


    1. Angela - Thanks. It was fun! I am loving the layered look, and have added to my collection to layer even more!

  5. Love the apricot lane necklace. Think I will be joining you in the 20 day outfit challenge. (please follow my blog too, thanks!)

    1. I will check out your blog and leave a message. Thanks for joining the challenge. I am so excited and wore an amazing outfit today. I will do my normal post with my previous day's outfit at the bottom! I look forward to seeing what you put together


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