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Friday, July 26, 2013

A little Flower Blush

By Wednesday this week I was about to snap.  Stress is not something to mess around with!  Brace yourself I am going to get serious for a moment.  Stress causes all kinds of health problems!  It is important to always take care of yourself and find a way to limit your stress.  This is not an easy thing to do.  Some people take a lower paying job to make them happier and less stressed.  Other people cut out people in their lives.  Me I am trying to figure what is best, right now I have turned to my family to help with the stress and putting things on them.  It's hard to realize you don't have to handle everything yourself.  Problems will come and go, some you have to deal with, other's can be handed off.

Anyhow - here is day 8!!!  I am so happy with the idea's I have come up with so far!
Pose - Looking at shoes

Pose - Leg crossed profile view

Close up of jewelry and detail of shirt

I mentioned in a previous post I read about the different poses. Of course I can't find the blog so if you posted one please leave your link below in a comment.
Also on this blog I got the idea to tuck this shirt in.  See it has an elastic band around the waist that doesn't look right in my opinion

This is a perfect outfit for me to go from FT to PT!

Top - NY&Co, Pants - Target, Wedges - Prabal Gurung (Target)


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    1. Thanks Molly - Other than the elastic waist I don't know why I don't wear it more.


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