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Saturday, July 13, 2013

7x7 Challenge

Being part of a blog network is awesome!  I am getting information and idea's all around me.  I read on Bedazzles After Dark about a 7x7 challenge.  Here is pick 7 items and make 7 different outfits from them!  I am excited to show you what I have picked and will post pictures of me wearing the items for the deadline!
I have picked the following for the challenge:  Blush pants, Gray Skirt, White Skirt, Chambray shirt, Leopard shirt, Print button up, and a Jason Wu T Shirt with bow.

Want to know how it works? Here's how:

*Chose 7 pieces of clothing that you can remix into 7 different outfits
*Accessories, belts, scarves etc. aren’t included which means you have free reign there!
*If you’re a blogger, take pictures of your outfits, write a post about it and come back to link up next Wednesday the 17th to share! I'm really excited about discovering some new blogs and finding some new outfit inspiration!
*Don't have a blog? No problem! Do the challenge, snap some pics & share via Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #7x7remix and we can still check it out. You can also link up your twitter or Instagram link with the linkup.

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