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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sales, Deals, and Discounts!

This past week American Eagle had 40% off with Free Shipping for Memorial Day, that continued after Memorial Day was over.  So of course being me I checked out what they had and fell in love with these pants!  I have been in need of white pants, mine still won't button.  So American Eagle had these pants for $39.95 with 40% off and Free shipping bringing the total to $25.77!  Plus I was able to order Tall size!!! Yay
Keep your eye out for those sales!!!

Also I wanted to let you know about the great savings I have been getting at Target!!!  Have you heard of Cartwheel?  Well it's a discount program that Target has new.  It will only work on the internet, no app yet.
So you sign up online using your FaceBook account (you have to!).  Go through the site and select the items you plan to purchase and see the savings happen!  5% off most items, some have 10% off!

A savvy shopper wouldn't stop there!  Get the RED card - either Credit or Debit!  Yes I said Debit!  You will get 5% off!
If you want the debit card make sure you have a check with you, they can do everything in the store and give you a temporary card.  I love this because I hate credit cards.  So using the RED card with the Cartwheel program you can save 10% off an item!

It gets better!  Target accepts Manufacturer's coupons along with Target coupons for double the savings.  If you play your cards right you can save with 4 ways.

Happy Shopping!


  1. Such a great post! I like it! : )

    1. Vivid - Thank you for reading! I am all about saving money and getting the most for my dollar!


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