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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Having fun at Kohls!

I have gotten so I like shopping at Kohls again.  For a while I was having issues because I walked the line between Junior and Women's.  Now I shop Women's only.  The Juniors stuff is just too short.

My Nana went with me and helped to take pictures.  I was looking for a preppy shirt to wear to my up coming meet and greet.  Here are items I found - How much they were - Where I would wear them.

All items were either clearance or on sale!

 This top looked great on the hanger!  You can see my sad face because I love the color.  The sleeves gave me an 80's feel, plus the strange fabric between the V didn't know what to do.  I wonder if this top would fit better on someone with a larger bust.  Top was on clearance for $10
 I really liked this top.  The structure was perfect!  Sadly I want the versatility of long sleeves.  We rolled this sleeve down and it looked terrible.  It has to be worn this way.  This shirt was on sale for $18.  This would be perfect for almost any occasion.  Work, or Dinner.
 I found this tunic on the clearance rack for $8.  It is see threw.  It would be cute for a pool or beach trip.  The back is open and airy.
This was my favorite shirt (in blue).  Chaps has very structured shirts for $39 (sale price).  I didn't purchase it because it was higher than what I wanted to pay, plus I was going to Good Will later.  Where I found a similar blue and white striped top.  Very preppy and perfect for work or going out.

Check out Kohls rewards program!  I signed up and was emailed a $5 off coupon which can be combined with their weekly email discounts.  If I had made a purchase I would have gotten $5 off then 15% off.

Happy Shopping!

The striped shirt I actually purchased was found at Good Will:
Hollister striped shirt - was exactly what I was looking for!  Smaller white stripes!  Only $3.95

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