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Friday, June 28, 2013

Getting Real for a moment

This wedding has me eating a little better and doing some 5-10min at home work outs to slim down my tummy so I can fit in my pants with ease and my dress won't look like a "baby bump".  Can't have my picture all over TMZ "baby bump" sighted!  Ha.

I ran across this website with before and after pictures of celebrates airbrushed.  Um, this may be why we women have a complex and why when I try something exactly like a celeb is wearing it never looks the same.  NO I am not comparing my body to those altered by LA, but let's face it I have less curves that Kim K and I don't look as good in some things.  Here take a look.

Seriously - that little tummy bulge that most women have is gone.  No one has a true hour glass figure standing like she is.

I think what's sad is we strive to look like the air brushed version and frankly no one can!
 I don't know anyone over the age of 22 that has skin like this.  If you do, please share how!
I know I look more like the before picture, well accept the side boob.

Yeah it's nice to see these people look amazing, but in reality they look just like us!  So don't feel bad if you have a little muffin top, or your bloated today!  They get that way also!  Embrace who you are, and if you want to slim down a little do it for yourself and not because airbrushed celebrities make you think less of yourself!

Sorry just had to stand on my soap box for a moment after I saw this site!

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