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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Blue, Blue, Blue...... I know I have other colors.

Ha Ha - so I discovered in looking at my own blog that I wear several items exclusively! Sad?  YES!  I have a huge wardrobe!  In an effort to wear different items I am going to stay away from my skirts for a while.  You will see below what I mean....

This doesn't include the days I have worn this skirt without taking pictures!  If you remember I purchased this skirt May 20th.  It's not even a month and I think I wear this skirt at least once a week!

My mother's last day of work was yesterday and I decided to look nice.  Time to brush off the dust collecting on my other clothes that I'm not wearing as much!  Here is my Maxi dress (Target brand but found at consignment).  Added a cute Target cardigan and my favorite gold sandals.  Gee this outfit is almost all Target!  Necklace - Target also.  Ha
 Yes I know I look sullen but the sun was so bright my eye's didn't want to open
Gotta see my fav sandals!  Plus the plant was pretty!

This dress is so comfortable!  I don't care if I look heavier in it, I love to wear it.
Maxi Dress similar at Target
Sandals here

Happy Shopping!



  1. Darling sweater!! Thanks for linking up to Trend Spin and come back next week for Metallic :)

    Erin @ The Fashion Canvas

  2. well I do love every way that you rocked that pretty blue skirt!
    Thank you for joining the Trend Spin: Animal Print link-up. So happy to have found your blog!


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