Wine & Couture: Weekly Recap - May 20-24
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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Weekly Recap - May 20-24

Here is a quick recap of my outfits this week.  I was in a skirt and casual mood with my flats!
Friday - I went with my new Limited capris found at Good Will along with my GAP cream top and new sandals.  Some people don't like capris because they say it makes their legs look bad, something about the pant stopping at the fastest part of the calf. However, if you have tiny calves like I do it doesn't matter.  I think capris look good on me and make my legs look less like chicken legs.  Here I am also wearing my new necklace which I love.  I think the sandals and jewelry make this outfit OK for Friday at work!

Thursday - LOFT skirt with H&M shirt & wedges

Wednesday - Coral Skirt with Express shirt & sandals

Tuesday - Khaki Capri's with NY&Co Tunic & sandals

Monday - Cobalt skirt with NY&Co shirt & heels

 Options for you linked under picture below

Happy Shopping!

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