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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Planning and Doing are different things

I am a planner, I work better when there is a plan because I know what to expect.  It has taken me a very long time to know this about myself and get people around me to understand it. However I am flexible enough that things don't always have to go as planned.  Like yesterday I posted two outfit idea's.  Of course when I put on the outfit I didn't feel right, it felt too dark. So I opted for something brighter.  I felt better at work and was comfortable for my PT job after.

 I love, Love my blush pants from Target.  They are cute and comfortable.  Plus they are easy to style and acceptable at work.  Here I have them paired with a white T shirt, bubble necklace, khaki jacket, and taupe pumps.  With the pop of bright pink in the belt I feel ready to work and not too under dressed!

Oddly I just realized after all this time that my taupe pumps are taupe and not nude.  It sucks when different lighting makes you see things differently.  I still love them, but it just means I need to be on the look out for actual nude pumps.  Oh well.

Happy Shopping!

Other ways I have worn my blush pants.

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