Wine & Couture: Memorial Day Cookout
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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Memorial Day Cookout

Memorial Day weekend is approaching.  Many of you have cookouts to go to, some even may be at the boss' house.  So what do you wear?  Let's say shorts aren't appropriate, but boy it's hot!!  You could wear a cute sun dress or a skirt.  Here are some options.
Coral skirt (TJ Maxx), sleeveless top, cute sandals! I love this look because it is effortless and you will be cool.  You could swap the black for a white top if you will be outside in the middle of the day. Too dressy? Ok here's something else
 White skirt, stripped shirt, flats.  OR
Ombre skirt, T Shirt and Sandals (you can loose the jacket for the day but may need it when the sun goes down)

The point is a simple skirt (not to short), a T or sleeveless top, and either sandals or flats.  It is cool, simple, yet you look put together!

Top: Denim Skirt $25, Blue Skirt $25.46
Bottom: Floral Skirt $7.80, Polka Dot Skirt $20.36

Happy Shopping!

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