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Sunday, May 26, 2013

May Budget vs. Actual

So this is the first month I have put together a budget and wish list for my shopping!  Sadly I didn't stick to my wish list very well, but hey when you find something at TJ Maxx you have to get it or it won't be there next time!  So here was my budget: $300

Actual Purchases:

As you can see I only purchased one of the items on my wish list (sandals), however I did stay in my $300 budget.  All this totaled $304.

I desperately needed some work clothes, both FT and PT.  I love both the Coral and Cobalt Blue skirts, along with the Khaki capris (for PT).  The MK purse was in place of the watch because it was the only one and a great deal ($109 savings!)!

How do you plan and budget for your shopping needs?

Happy Shopping!

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