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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lunch and Good Will

A co-worker and I went to Good Will yesterday during lunch.  At first I couldn't find anything in my size, there were a ton one size smaller that I liked but not my size.  I was about to give up looking when I hit a rack of skirts that had some cute summer skirts (designer of course) in my size!!  Yay.  So I tried on a few and settled on this LOFT skirt!  I love the fabric (Jersey) and the way it fits.  I decided to have fun with it and pair an empire waist shirt that is flowy and comfortable for another rainy muggy day!  Of course it wouldn't be complete without wedges.  Which I have to say I am seeing a ton of.
 This is another perfect Memorial Day outfit (see blog from 5/22)
 Skirt - LOFT.  Shirt - H&M.  Wedges - Solanz (5 yrs old)

Found on
Top to Right:  Black Wedge $32, Red/Black Stripe Wedge $34, Zebra Wedge $24
Bottom to Right:  Sling Back Wedge $39, Denim Wedge $28, White Lace Wedge $39

Happy Shopping!

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