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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Friday - Or in my case Head Cold Central

One thing that stinks about a new job is you have a waiting period for sick time.  So of course I can't afford to loose a day's pay, so I work.  Late Thursday I was feeling kinda bad, throat was raw and hurting.  I woke up in the night and had to take NyQuil so I could sleep, and still woke up before the alarm with my throat screaming at me.  Like I said I have to work anyhow and I don't have a fever so off I go.  Makeup does wonders when you are sick, it can make you look normal.
In an effort to look nice, because who wants to look as bad as they feel?  I paired my MK tunic with my bright red pants, and added some sparkly sandals.

Here is a pic of the next MK tunic I will be purchasing!  I love the feel of these and they look so nice.  Not to mention the quality is so nice!
Happy Shopping!

Other ways I have worn my Tunic!
I think it looks good with a colored pant!

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