Wine & Couture: Rainy Migraine Monday

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rainy Migraine Monday

Nothing worse than a chilly rainy Monday unless you add a migraine to it. This is how I deal with feeling bad - dress very comfortable while being stylish!  Sadly my phone doesn't like to take head to toe pic's that are clear.  I guess I am just too much for the camera..... ha ha.  Anyhow for a nasty day and having to sit at a desk I am very happy with my outfit.  The sweater is just the right weight that I am not too warm, plus I love the 3/4 length sleeves.

Simple yet nice - sweater dress, long necklace, hair in pony tail with waves, leggings and rain boots.  Threw on a simple bead necklace to add something to the dress.  Don't want to go looking plain.
Plus this dress makes me feel good..... When I am feeling bloated and don't want to look it I can wear this!
J Crew sweater dress, leggings (2 pair so they aren't see threw from Target) & MK Rain boots.  Love being able to wear my rain boots again.  I didn't want to wear them on a dry day at the new job and have people think I am crazy too early.  Ha

Happy Shopping!

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