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Friday, April 12, 2013

Packing Made Easy - RePost!

I think it's important to remind people with spring here about simple rules to packing!  Re-Post!

So I was reading Allure Magazine (Fall 2012) and came across this article on "How to Pack for Any Trip".  With my brother's wedding in two months there are a ton of things going on.  I was excited to find something that made packing easy for me.  My first trip, the women in my family are going to a bed and breakfast then a winery tour and maybe shopping.  I am very excited but I know the mountains of Virginia can get cool at night so I was beginning to worry what I should pack.

A tease of what is in the article:  Start with the basics - For just about any trip you need a black cocktail dress; nice pair of pants and a party top; comfortable pants for day; two good T-shirts; a slim, neutral sweater; a day dress; a cashmere scarf you can use as a wrap; a coat that's elegant enough to wear in the evening; and a leather jacket - in case you end up on the back of a motorcycle.  Always stick in a bathing suit in your bag in case you unexpectedly find yourself somewhere with a pool. 

Now if you are anything like me this will be a HUGE help in getting ready for any trip!  Between the woman's weekend, the bachelorette cooking party, and the wedding itself (BTW in St. Croix) I will be set with the help of Allure!

Happy Shopping!

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