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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Let's get real about money

So I constantly say I don't have money, which when you look at my bills that should be the case.  However, being the shopaholic that I am, I always find money to purchase new items!  Some of the time I get lucky at Good Will, other times I splurge (like the yellow dress I posted yesterday).  I decided with having a new full time job and being able to get caught up on my bills that I would get real about my spending and create a wish list along with a budget for May!  So here is my "wish" list of items, where they are, and how much.  Next will be my budget, which I am determined to not blow.  Now I can spend less so I have more money in June, but who am I kidding that would be way difficult!

Pink anchor shorts here $24.94
MK Watch here $160
Mint Pants here $34.99
Gold Sandals here $19
Total $238.93 (leave's $61 for a splurge moment)

Budget:  $300!  I am trying to be honest here and I spend close to this most months anyhow.  Besides I am keeping the part time job, so one of those checks will be my MAD money!
I will keep you posted in May as to my progress and share at the end of the month what I ended up purchasing!

What's on your wish list?
Happy Shopping!

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