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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Finally a long enough skirt!

So being 5'9" doesn't make it easy to find both skirts and pants long enough.  Thank Goodness for NY&Co!  They have pants in TALL, which are almost too tall.  Which of course I LOVE!  So to solve my skirt problem I hit the web, and decided I would try my hand at making my own skirt!  So here is my way long skirt, Maxi style, and how I am trying to put it with the right shirt.  Already paired with these Amazing 4" wedges, you can only see my toes, which I love.

So oddly enough the picture was taken in focus, which tells me the top doesn't go!
This is cute, but not quite!  A Peplum would be better.
Bingo!  Love the Chambray shirt with this and the wide belt added.  You can see my wedges poking out.

If you are interested in a longer, or shorter skirt feel free to contact me.
Happy shopping!

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