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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Anthropologie Yes Please

My BF sent me a text to check out Anthropologie's website, saying they had some cute things.  So I check it out and on the main page is this picture.  Of course right off I am loving the print shirt on the girl with yellow shorts.  Now the shorts are not flattering from the other pictures but this shirt is so cute!!!
Of course being me, how much?  I click on the link and see the shirt, too cute!  However it is $58.  However that isn't too bad if you are doing a budget like I am.  Sometimes it is nice to splurge on a piece if you think you can get a ton of wear out of it.  So it's up to you.  I think I would prefer to wait until things go on sale and see if it will be enough of a discount.  They have several colors with different prints.  This is the only print in this color.  The others have elephants or camels but are cute as well.  Very versatile shirt if I must say!
Happy Shopping!

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