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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


There is nothing better than getting your tax refund.  Since my hubby is self employed we typically don't get one, however last year I increased our payments and WOW we got a refund!  So how does one spend their refund?  Well I am sensible and paid off some credit cards!  Then I took a little money for myself.  I am such a savvy shopper, I hate spending too much money on anything!  So of course I went into deal seeking mode!  I wanted to best for my buck and only items I really needed.  Sadly as we women get older we tend to gain a little weight, it crept up on me and most of my pants just don't fit.  Now my mom was so sweet this past Christmas and purchased 3 pair for me, but I needed more.  Both dress and casual styles.  So here is what I found!
First pair are blush skinny jeans from Target for $22.99!!  Tip - these pants run small so order a size larger!
Second pair are skinny boot cut dress slacks from The Limited on clearance for $24.99!!  With promo code 594 got me a extra 20% off!
Yup you read right..... I purchased 2 pair of pants for under $50!!  So excited!!

Then I purchased this shirt from Old Navy!  Only $19!!  Gotta love clearance!

Happy Shopping!

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