Wine & Couture: Khaki

Monday, March 25, 2013


My part time job requires me to wear Khaki pants and a collared shirt.  Now I have some flexibility with the collared shirt but not much.  So here are three variations of my khaki world.
Outfit #1 - Wore to my Full Time job (hence no collared shirt).  Went with a striped shirt, blue fleece, and my favorite wedge sandals.  Yes it turned out to be colder than I thought so my feet were cold.
Outfit #2 - a mock collar is my "flexible" type shirt.  I wanted to bring color to both my and my client's day (I work with elderly on the weekends).  Paired with simple lace flats.
Outfit #3 - LOVE this shirt I found at Good Will (Loft), it is one shirt so it is easy to throw on and looks very nice.  Added a POP of color with my orange flats.

Never be afraid to add a POP of color.  Blue and Orange go really well together.
Pants - Old Navy - Found at Good Will.  As you can see from the pic's I shortened them into crops.
Shirts - Striped Old Navy, Pink print NY&Co, Collared Sweater LOFT

Go check out your local Good Will!  You may be surprised what you find!
Happy Shopping!

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