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Friday, March 22, 2013

Idea's under distress

Our dog of 10 years (my baby) was very sick and needed to be put down.  As heart breaking as this is I still had to get up and go to work.  With little enthusiasm I some how managed to look half way decent.  Lets face it all I wanted to wear was sweats.
 This is what I wore the day she passed.  Distressed jeans (because that's how I felt - distressed), collared button up shirt with a cardigan. I looked ok enough for work even though I felt terrible.
 In an effort to redeem myself after the jeans during a non-Friday day at work I chose my Good Will Old Navy Khaki's (cropped them myself) with a blue and white striped shirt (also Old Navy) and my favorite fleece (GAP).  I hope this shows you how you can take a pair of pants and adjust them to your style.  I love cropped pants and these stopped just above my ankle so it wasn't much to hem them to the right length.

Happy Shopping!

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