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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hair troubles

I have long (half way down my back), thick hair.  It has a mind of it's own most of the time.  How I look when I am done styling and when I arrive at work are different.  Moisture, Humidity, and well any climate makes my hair do what it wants.  I have dreamed of having Kardashian sleek hair but it doesn't look the same (theirs is similar in length and thickness as mine).  So of course I struggle daily with my long locks.  I see all kinds of style's on Pinterest, but seriously I don't have the energy or time every morning to style my hair.  Not to mention it will typically do what it wants in the end and not stay.  So in an effort to not look like a hot mess everyday or wear a ponytail I have come up with a perfect quick way to fix my hair!  A low bun with shorter hairs slightly curled in the front.
Yesterday I blogged about Aria's "hairspiration".  Today I am taking that a step further and working with a french twist in a way.
What I strive for!
What I want my hair to look like......

Let's face it unless you have a stylist to make your ponytail look like Kate here you look like a slick mess (right).

Of course you could try to spend 20-30 minutes curling your hair only for it to look flat later.

 Happy Shopping!

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