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Friday, March 15, 2013

From Full Time to Part Time

Only a few days a week do I have to go from my full time job to my part time job.  So here is how I do it with ease so I have as much time to myself in between.
The sweater/shirt I am wearing is The LOFT found at GoodWill this week.  Can I get a Woot Woot!  So I have to wear a collared shirt and khaki pants for my CareGiver job and have little desire to wear these wide leg khaki's to work, but spending money on pants that may get ruined is not in my budget so wide leg pants from GoodWill work fine for a part time job.  So of course I have to glam up my Full Time work outfit, which I did with white pants, pearls, and my new Prabal wedges (from Target)!  I felt so nice and was happy my pants fit again, amazing what a few pounds can do to my wardrobe.  Anyhow so I swap the pants, shoes, and loose the necklace for my part time CareGiver job.  I add bronze flats and my much loved Old Navy cardigan; which matches perfectly.  Do you have to change in a hurry and want it to happen with ease?

Happy Shopping!

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