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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sharpie = Nail Art

Here is my video on how easy it is to do nail art with a metallic sharpie!

1. Let your nails dry and set before drawing
2. Let the Sharpie set up before applying top coat (20-30 min).  You can use your nails without messing up the sharpie, but if you apply top coat too soon it will smear.
3. PAM will remove the sharpie so don't use it unless you want to remove what you did.
4. Lotion will rub the sharpie off if you don't use a top coat.


  1. I like how easy you made it look!

  2. Carol - Thanks for your comment. It is easy. I had a little harder time doing my left hand because I am left handed but the beauty was the Sharpie came off easy if I made a mistake where polish is harder to correct.


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