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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Self Esteem

Having self worth is important.  Walking with your head high and taking pride in yourself will show on the outside.  Many people today forget this and it shows in their body language, clothing, and choice of words.  One thing women everywhere should do is help build each other up.  Live and the World are hard, if anyone told you differently then they were lying.  Create a solid support structure for yourself that will be there when you are loosing your self confidence!  I have 3 wonderful women who I rely on often and in turn am happy to build up when needed.  Just remember the women in your office who looks nice, tell her!  Don't look down your nose or become green with envy because of what she is wearing.  Maybe try asking her!  You may be surprised to hear she got it on sale and you can afford it!

My blog is dedicated to building women's self esteem, finding the good deal, and pushing you outside your comfort zone to purchase that furry vest or leopard pants!  Let's come together as women and unite, tell someone they look nice today!  It will change their day and make you feel better.  Remember no matter what size or shape you are you can look amazing just by trying and wearing a smile!

Happy Shopping!


  1. Someone told me a smile is a woman's best accessory. ;)

  2. That is so true!! A Happy Woman is A Beautiful Woman! I bet it made you feel great all day to, didn't it.


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