Wine & Couture: Is It Spring!?!?!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Is It Spring!?!?!

Sadly it's not spring yet.  This winter can't go away fast enough for me though.  So I am embracing Spring through clothes and accessories!

From Pinterest
Birkin!  Nuf said.  One day I will own one.  Until then I admire the design and pretty colors
From Pinterest
Victoria Beckham - Color Pretty, Size Insane!  With this bag you could pack the kitchen sink.
From Pinterest
Yeah you should've put on some sun glass'.  BUT This is a killer outfit.  I actually almost paired my Neon Peach skinnies with a bright teal shirt the other day but thought it may be a bit much.  I will do it now that I have seen this and LOVE.

What will you wear to feel like Spring in the Winter?
Happy Shopping!

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