Wine & Couture: Blue And Pink!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Blue And Pink!

Last week I blogged about bright colors and spring.  What can I say I am a summer baby and love the warmth.  There is something about Winter that makes me cold to my bone for months on end, it's not until Spring arrives that I start to warm back up.  Guess you could say I am kind of like the earth, when it's cold I am cold, when it's warm I am warm.  Anyhow like I said last week I blogged about bright colors and decided to try a bright outfit because of it.
Here I am wearing my AE Neon Peach skinny pants with a NY&Co blue sweater.
 Picture from my earlier blog.
Closer picture of my heels.  the 5inches is high but they are so comfortable!
Happy Shopping!

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