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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentine's day.  A day to show the one you love that you actually love them by purchasing them stuff!  Not really my kinda day.  I expect my husband to show me he loves me all the time, which he does very well.  That trash didn't take it self out, The clean dishes didn't put them selves away, The bathroom didn't clean it self, and my favorite That walk in closet didn't build it self.  The issue is I have a harder time showing him I love him.  So this Valentine's day I will get a bouquet of flowers from him and give a different kind of bouquet to him!
Cigars, Liquor, Beef Jerky - all the things guys love!  Since my hubby works in construction I will substitute the duck tape for Sour Patch Kids, and the baseball treat for poppy cock.

What will you do for your man this Valentine's day?
Happy Shopping!

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